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Our story

TOM:  'Kerry,  I'm Pulling the Pin on Commando life and leaving the Army. It’s been a great 10 years of adventure, camaraderie and rum on the rocks but it's time to Pull the Pin and take a leap in a new direction. What do you think to make a hobby and passion into a career and creating our own Spiced Rum?'​

KERRY: 'YES! I love the idea. Let's do it! Time to swap the Bergen and boots for bottles, camouflage for an Ltd Company and parachutes for products.'​

TOM: 'Good job...... I've bought some shoes, civvy clothes and just spent all I’ve got upgrading equipment and bulk buying spices!'

Our Aim

To make amazing tasting Rums in an awesome vessel.

A Spiced Rum, so warm and smooth it is a delight over ice. A perfectly balanced spice blend that lifts your favourite mixer to new heights and gives any Rum cocktail an extra taste sensation and dimension. A rum that is always the right decision.

Light fruity Rums, blended to perfection for a taste sensation and a new take on Rum. Light and refreshing to mix well with a tonic of your choice, a lemonade with ice or as the perfect addition to a fruity cocktail.

'PULL THE PIN' was born. A name with a message, a metaphor for life, follow what’s good and know when to Pull The Pin on what’s not. Live life to the full, celebrate what is great. This is the foundation of our company and is remembered every time we create a bottle.